For Polkastarter
Polkastarter was Unmarshal's MARSH token launchpad for our ICO. Polkastarter reached out to Unmarshal to solve their problem statement
Polkastarter's Problem Statement: 1. Get a list of all wallet address who made their claim during an IDO 2. To receive all transactions of POLS token without having to provide a wallet address to help analyse all the token holders and the movement of the POLS token
Unmarshal's Solution : Unmarshal's IDO claim API will be able to provide the list of all the wallets who had claimed their tokens during an IDO. Unmarshal's solution will work on Ethereum , Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (Matic) The Transactions API will be able to fetch all the transactions of POLS token with details of all transfers which includes the POLS token address. This API helps in analysing the token transaction trends along with price details as well.
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