Polygon(MATIC) Querying API

👷Why BUIDL on Polygon

Polygon is a Layer2 scaling solution inspired by the Plasma framework. It achieves scale by using sidechains for computation. It intends to develop a plug and play scaling solution that will help DApps get access to faster and cheaper transactions.

Easy to port for Ethereum developers

Polygon uses an account-based Plasma (EVM) model rather than the UTXO system. Polygon will provide UI libraries, SDK’s & added services, enabling developers to focus on their core product, while Unmarshal can provide backend services like SDK to access on-chain data for Polygon, which can further reduce the burden of the application developers.

Built to Scale for mass adoption

  • Lower Fee
  • Faster Transaction(<1sec)
  • High Throughput

Unmarshal's Current Infrastructure Support

  • Token Balances API
  • Transaction Details API (In progress)
  • Decoded Transactions API (In progress)
  • Push Notification API (In Progress)
  • DeFi Taxing (In progress)
  • Profit & Loss Tracking API (In progress)
  • Historical Prices (In progress)
  • Automated DeFi protocol indexing(In progress)

*APIs for QuickSwap Coming Soon

Get Token Balance
Get Token Transactions
Get Transactions Detail

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