Transaction Calls
This page describes calls to access transaction details for the API


This command is used with a chain and the transaction ID gives you transaction details. It supports 4 chains and accepts any of the following as chain ID The following values for the chain are accepted:
  • Ethereum : ethereum, eth
  • Binance Smart Chain : bsc, binance
  • Polygon/Matic : mat, matic, polygon
Usage Example:
The common syntax for usage is:
/txn [chain] [txn ID/txn signature]
  • /txn eth 0x6d31131c68dca233240b9f13da313b26d3a33461cb8f8243bb8d57273d14c9b5 for a transaction on the ethereum chain.
  • /txn bsc 0xf32532225a42f7ba7a5db1806b5c924594278744684c894cd00d4ca2973a19a1 for a transaction on the BSC chain.
  • /txn mat 0xd6818c0699cfc5a38ed89a4aa3da9e6df641e884d1642f833178590f7f6f41fe for a transaction on the Polygon chain.
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