GraphQL APIs
⚡️Query Precise and Expected Results
The GraphQL APIs from Unmarshal allows clients to define the data and execute queries using a query language based on this data type system. The API is not tied to a specific database or storage engine, but rather leverages code and data on our existing node. Through GraphQL end-point, application builders can access the full capabilities of on-chain data from a single endpoint. The APIs are backwards compatible, eliminating the risk of rapid changes in RESTful APIs. It allows fetching data precisely avoiding over or under fetching.

Unmarshal GraphQL API

The GraphQL API is an efficient way for our clients to query and get precise expected results by describing their queries. Our GraphQL API provides a thorough and understandable description of the data, enables developers to ask for only what they need from blockchains, enables APIs to evolve, and gives developers powerful developer tools to host their decentralized applications easily on any chain.
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