Welcome to Unmarshal, your one-stop solution for comprehensive APIs that cater to all the needs of decentralized applications (dApps). At Unmarshal, we provide a complete suite of APIs designed to empower dApp developers and users with accurate and reliable blockchain data.

One of our standout APIs is the Balances API, which offers a holistic approach to managing both fungible ERC20 and non-fungible NFT tokens. With advanced filtering capabilities, we ensure that spam tokens are filtered out, allowing you to focus on the tokens that truly matter. What sets our Balances API apart is the inclusion of relevant metadata, such as accurate token prices and token-specific details.

In addition to the Balances API, we offer a range of transaction history APIs that provide in-depth insights into historical transactions. These APIs come with historical prices and various filtering options, enabling you to extract valuable information and make data-driven decisions.

For those venturing into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), our suite of NFT APIs has got you covered. From balance tracking to sales data, we provide comprehensive APIs that cater to the unique requirements of NFT enthusiasts.

At Unmarshal, we understand the importance of responsiveness and speed. That's why our APIs come with strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), ensuring that most of our response times are under 200 milliseconds. Moreover, we've optimized our systems to minimize latency, ensuring that changes in the blockchain are reflected in our APIs within seconds.

Whether you're building decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, exploring the world of NFTs, or delving into various segments of dApps, Unmarshal has the APIs you need to accelerate your development process and unlock the full potential of blockchain data.

Get started with Unmarshal today and experience the power of seamless, reliable, and lightning-fast blockchain data APIs. Empower your dApps with Unmarshal!